LIMITED EDITION COMMEMORATIVE 600 Millionth Zippo Lighter Collectible


June 3rd, 2020 - Zippo, the iconic American brand and creator of the windproof lighter, has reached a milestone moment with the production of its 600 millionth windproof lighter. To mark this historic event, Zippo is launching an exclusive limited-edition design.  

With only 20,000 available worldwide, fans can also expect premium packaging with a mirrored foam insert and a vibrant coordinated box and sleeve for a truly one of a kind memento. All windproof lighters produced on the day, including other designs, will be stamped with a commemorative bottom stamp that collectors can proudly add to their displays.  

  • High Polish Chrome lighter, 360° Laser Engraving. Color Image 600 Million logo with chromed-out elements
  • Consecutive numbering on the back.
  • The Collectible features :
  • Commemorative 600 Million bottom stamp used that day only
  • Premium packaging with mirrored foam insert, vibrant coordinated box and sleeve
  • Limited to 20,000 pieces worldwide. 

The 600 millionth lighter itself will be preserved and displayed in Zippo’s own  museum in Bradford, PA for all visitors to enjoy, but fans can own their own part of the iconic brand’s history with the limited-edition collectible. Just the like the 600 millionth lighter that will be displayed at the Zippo Case/ Museum, the High Polish Chrome lighter features 360° laser engraving, a color image 600 million logo and a commemorative bottom stamp used only on the day of production, June 3rd, 2020.