2020 Collectible of the Year


Z2 Vision 2020 Collectible of the Year Zippo proudly introduces the 2020 Collectible of the Year, Z2 Vision. The collectible draws inspiration from the debut of Zippo’s new logo, the first major revamp of the iconic brand’s calling card since the flame design was first released in 1980.

  • Z2 Vision is truly a unique masterpiece combining Zippo’s most popular and most recent processes with other high-end elements into one stunning limited-edition collectible.
  • The design features the new stylized “Z” wrapping around the lighter, thanks to Zippo’s MultiCut process utilized in a new way to smoothly carve a recessed background that surrounds the signature Z, creating an embossed effect.
  • The recessed areas are further adorned with a 360° laser engraved element of abstract monochromatic seamless waves.
  • Set on an Armor Black Ice lighter and paired with a heavy gold insert.
  • This year’s collectible goes the extra mile with a special 2020 bottom stamp. The full year is stamped into the bottom of the lighter, along with the hallmark of a Zippo Collectible of the Year, the ZL logo.
  • Each lighter is consecutively numbered and comes in the Collectible of the Year’s custom-designed packaging.
  • Quantities are extremely limited, only 20,020 pieces will be available worldwide.

NEW Custom Packaging (not shown) Z2 Vision introduces new updates to the Luxury packaging, giving the Zippo collector the first glimpse at the company’s exciting new brand identity.

With a crisp white box top and iridescent embossed elements inspired by the lighter design, a contrasting black bottom box that secures the collectible in black foam and showcases the wrapped design with mirrored wings, and complete with the inset placard that distinguishes this design as Zippo’s 2020 Collectible of the Year, this limited edition lighter will absolutely stand out in any display. In yet another Zippo first, the collectible receives a full outer box – in lieu of the traditional box sleeve – which comes in the 6 vibrant colors of Zippo’s new look, making its arrival in collectors’ hands a true unboxing event to be savored. Specific outer box colors cannot be ordered/guaranteed and you will receive a random assortment of colors within your placement